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Mr. Nikhil Dedhia is an enthusiast and passionate about making a difference in lives of others.In 2014, he thought why not turn the passion of ‘Making A Difference’, turn into profession and reach the larger audience. So started the journey of trainings4corporates and it came into existence by taking up projects with I.T industries for training in soft skills. Today he has trained more than 700 team members of around 30 companies in various skills viz, sales, management, work-life balance, time management, increasing productivity, removing procrastination etc. Trainings4coporates is one such Platform, that deals in the transformation of the individuals at Professional as well as Personal level and hence enabling them to explore their OWN POTENTIAL and be GLOBALLY COMPETENT.

It is one of the finest company that specializes in training the individuals aspiring to move ahead in their career, job, businesses with perfect work-life balance. Till now it has trained more than 700 team members of more than 30 companies. Gauging the wide prospects and the promising future of Training Industry, trainings4corporates has incorporated wide range of training programmes ranging from Team Development to Business Development programmes. So, welcome to trainings4corporates and unleash yourself to the journey of exploration of your Own Potential and to create miraculous results in the Work-Life Area of your life.

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